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Debrasic showcases contemporary jewellery by independent artists and beautiful clothing made in New Zealand. It is the creation of contemporary jeweller Lauren Haynes, who crafts bespoke jewellery from her workbench in the shop. Recycled gold, upcycled metals and unconventional materials create stunning modern rings, earrings, necklaces and more at Debrasic. Located on Pollen Street in Thames.

The Story of Debrasic

Debrasic is a contemporary jewellery workshop in New Zealand.  Every piece is made by hand. 

Independence is beautiful. 

Debrasic is fundamentally about supporting independence. It’s a showcase for the incredible talent of independent jewellers and the beauty that results from crafting jewellery not only with impressive technical skill but also with values and a striking aesthetic.

In a world increasingly full of globally-marketed fast fashion, Debrasic is rooted in the deep belief that true beauty will always be independent.

Responsibility is powerful.

Jewellery is only as beautiful as its impact on the world. Debrasic is driven by responsibility to our community and our environment. This means stones are ethically sourced and gold and silver are often recycled. Looking honestly at our impact imbues each piece with an enduring strength and meaning. 

Art lives beyond the canvas.

Debrasic is a haven for people who appreciate art beyond the canvas and seek to make it part of daily life.  Contemporary jewellery is a form of art that is meant to be taken off its pedestal or out of its exhibit case and into the vibrant world we inhabit every day.  


Built by hand, grounded in strong roots. 

Lauren Haynes


Debrasic is the creation of Lauren Haynes, a contemporary New Zealand jeweller who built the original shop by hand from reclaimed boards and inventive display cases. It was born as a defiance of conventional limitations and a commitment to strong beliefs. Today, Lauren crafts her signature line of upcycled jewellery and custom commissions from a private studio. 

Lauren’s approach to building and creating is an expression of her Maori identity, a foundation naturally forged by our Tipuna (ancestors). Her approach centers around a strong awareness of wairua and kaupapa, the spirit and purpose at the heart of each piece. From an upbringing that emphasized knowing her whakapapa (lineage), she received the powerful belief that heritage matters. 

The name Debrasic is an ode to the French element of Lauren’s heritage and her grandmother, Alchoney Angelique Ribot de Bressac, a woman she knew only through family stories and whose name she saw in writing for the first time as an adult. It grew from a family investigation and a desire to recognise the value of that exploration in a central part of her life. 

The jewellery Lauren crafts and the aesthetic she curates through Debrasic are shaped by her Maori culture, her French roots and an unwavering commitment to independence.