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Debrasic showcases contemporary jewellery by independent artists and beautiful clothing made in New Zealand. It is the creation of contemporary jeweller Lauren Haynes, who crafts bespoke jewellery from her workbench in the shop. Recycled gold, upcycled metals and unconventional materials create stunning modern rings, earrings, necklaces and more at Debrasic. Located on Pollen Street in Thames.

What Makes You Love an Online Shop?

Debrasic’s physical shop was built by hand with great love. It’s made from reclaimed boards, display cases that began their life as furniture, a wealth of recycled materials and a can of gorgeous paint. Each morning, we carefully arrange the jewellery in its cases. We dress the mannequins with an eye for style and love crafting our window displays. We play music we love.

In short: we want Debrasic to be a haven for art and style, not a generic commercial entity.

Now, we’re building a shop online and we’re doing it the way we do everything: independently and with a lot of heart. The online-building process is different in some ways and very similar in others. We’re not getting paint on our hands but we are, in many ways, still rolling up our sleeves.

It’s important to us that our online shop has the character and the soul that you know as Debrasic.

We grew up in the days before online shops were the norm. So we’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences: what makes an online shopping experience more than just a transaction?

Share your thoughts, and stay posted as we begin virtually nailing up the boards and painting the door for Debrasic’s online storefront.